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I know your target audience.

I grew up with them. I live with them. I love them. I’ve worked with them, studied with them and gone on holiday with them. We’ve shared our lives – the good and the bad. And I’ve written things for their birthdays, weddings and other important life events that have made them laugh and cry – often at the same time. When I’m developing slogans and taglines, I often test them out on several native English speakers to check how they come across. When it comes to food, cosmetics and other lifestyle products, people’s purchasing decisions are based on emotions, so if the product description or copy doesn’t sound completely authentic, it will really put them off.

I know your industry too. At the weekends you’ll find me trying new products at natural beauty counters, visiting health food shops or organic fairs, doing Pilates classes or out enjoying nature.

I’m as excited as you are by natural, eco-friendly and sustainably made products. And this is reflected in the work I do for you.

Need a nature-conscious copywriter who loves to help green businesses bloom?

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