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blog / October 5, 2017

October 2017

Here’s a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on recently. Most of my clients like to keep things confidential, so I haven’t revealed any specific details, but the list below provides a general idea of what I do. You can read some specific testimonials here.


Sustainability, ecology, green products, natural health and fitness

Marketing materials for an organic cosmetics company

Marketing materials for a company that makes vegan body care products

An interview with a vegan athlete

Company sustainability reports

Series of reports on studies regarding environmental awareness among the German public (part of a larger project funded by the German government)

Website content and press releases for research institutes in the area of sustainability

Fitness app (exercise programme)

The entire UK English version of the website for a major Swiss company that makes healthcare products


Marketing, advertising, transcreation, copywriting, corporate communications, creative

Slogans (e.g. for mobile phone apps)

Scripts for corporate films (e.g. sportswear, telecommunications, travel companies)

Scripts for video ads (e.g. for a distillery)

Print ads for magazines, newspapers and posters (e.g. for a transport app)

Corporate magazines and employee magazines

Website copy and branding documents for two of Germany’s largest travel companies

Website and company profile for a creative branding agency

Website copy for a hotel

Corporate brochures and mission statements (e.g. for a creative communications company and a design studio)

Press releases (e.g. for media companies and environmentally friendly home technology companies)

VIP invitations for a high-end events company

Speeches, journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles (e.g. by CEO of media company)

Trade fair brochures (e.g. for an investment company, a fashion designer and a luxury jewellery brand)

Web content e.g. articles, blog posts, social media posts (topics: start-ups, mobility and transport, independent fashion labels)

Creative texts for EFL textbooks for teenagers (for a large educational publisher)

A graphic novel aimed at teenage girls



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